Thursday, March 3, 2011

I don't even think "Intervention" could help me now.

So, maybe it was my subconscience or something but after not blogging (on any of my blogs -- yes, plural) since their creation, I just woke up from a nap and had to write :this: down. I feel the need to apologize from the beginning (which my therapist -- if I were still going to her -- would immediately say, "umm hmmm" and make a note of it. Then underline it.) because this is just so out of any sort of context, but I need to write this down.

I had a dream about a girl whose blog I just started reading. Coincidentally, her son has a dairy and soy allergy just like E and she is choosing an elimination diet to be able to continue breastfeeding him...same as I did with E. So I immediately feel a connection with this girl and combine that with the fact that she is really funny and I have been reading a lot of her old posts in the last few days. my dream (and no, nothing freaky...unless you count drying your hair together in the bathroom a la sorority-house style freaky, well then, yeah...there you go.) dream...I was going over to her house to get ready to go out because we were all "WE NEED A GNO, yo!" and we were just talking (over the noise of the hair dryers)  but because of her blog, I had all of this history that I knew about her and she didn't really know anything about me and it was kind of awkward, but she was really open and super nice and we totally hit it off.  YEAH! BFF!

But, that wasn't all. I then had a dream some of my friends and I were getting together for another friend's birthday in Vegas. One friend and I arrived first and she had made these super sweet cards for everyone about how much she appreciated them and was sad that we didn't see each other more and I just started crying because I felt the same way about all of our friends, too. I was also so sad because this party was something I had been looking forward to for SO long and then it was just going to be over and I'd have to come back to Brazil and be alone again.

So...yeah, now I'm having dreams about being real-life friends with random people on the internet, while simultaneously missing my real friends more than anything. Something's gotta give. I need to come home. I need to reach out.

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